Green Lantern “Might”

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July 17, 2010 by Chris Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) as he appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

As we know by now, Ryan Reynolds is to dawn the ring of the Green Lanterns for next years summer release. Recently we have seen the new costume design on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. And despite all the spiffy green splashes and lights I still cant help but have my doubts.

I am not as familiar with Green Lantern as say Batman or Iron Man but I do know enough to know that Reynolds has the potential to both do well and destroy this super hero entirely. I asked what my friends thought of this on Facebook and the answers were all over the board. But the one that stuck out most was from my old roommate, and I couldn’t agree more with him.

He himself has his doubts about Reynolds, but said he also had doubts about Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man). Needless to say his apprehension was all for not, but that doesn’t mean his gut will be wrong this time.

Sure we have all been proven wrong with doubting actors like Heath Ledger who take on a priceless comic book persona and hold the fate of it in their hands. He dominated as The Joker of course but I have one word for those who are starting to think its not all bad. Hulk. Sure the second was better than the first, maybe not because of the choice of actor, but the collaboration of the whole package. This includes the director, special effects teams and the rest of the cast. And lets not forget the most important aspect, the story.

You cannot have a great film adaptation of a comic book, or any book for that matter, without staying true to the essence of the story that made it great in the first place. If you focus too much on the character and the super power, it will crash and burn like a raging green giant.

Another concern arising in my mind is the fact that this movie will be one of the first modern super hero movies to rely on a super power that comes the closest to magic.

If you are not familiar with the Green Lantern storyline, in short an alien crashes to earth and is found by pilot Hal Jordan. The alien gives him a ring and he becomes one of the Green Lanterns (An intergalactic group of species united to protect the universe.) So technically it is not magic so much as alien tech, but still, if done hastily, it could leave a bad taste in viewer’s mouths.

I beleive the success of the Batman films Christopher Nolen directed relied heavily on his ability to make the events realistic and still inherently bad-ass. The Green Lantern movie will have to do something a little different to appeal to the main stream public and the comic aficionado. But one thing is for certain, it sounds like they have a lot of work ahead of them to think of what Hal Jordan would summon with the ring according to an MTV interview with Reynolds. Lets hope they don’t cut corners there either.

For the sake of all of us who want this movie to succeed despite all of these concerns, The Green Lantern “Might” surprise us.


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