‘Tron Legacy’ cycles into theaters this December

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July 19, 2010 by Chris Reynolds

Greetings Programs.

The neon lit world of TRON is rebooting with a sequel that will arrive shortly in theaters. The franchise started in 1982 with the release of, well, “TRON“. The movie was released by Disney and was one of the first attempts at computer animation mixed with live action.

Now with the approaching “Tron Legacy” cycling our way, we are in for a new twist on an old cult classic.

“TRON” gave us Light Cycles and those cool discs that could be thrown and return to us like a boomerang, and not to mention those bad-ass styling white/neon-suits the programs wore.

“Tron Legacy” is revamping all of that. The Light Cycles are now more epic and less bulky, the discs look more menacing and diabolical than their Frisbee-like elders, and the suits are darker, sleeker and sexier than ever, and not to mention Daft Punk will be doing the musical score.

You could even bid on your own working light cycle up until early July from the custom bike pros, the Parker Brothers.

But I digress. Disney is still heading this new title but the directors have changed hands. However, director and co-story-writer of the original “TRON,” Steven Lisberger, returned to help write “Legacy.” But like Lisberger, the director for “Tron Legacy,” Joseph Kosinski, has had no major prior directing roles since this movie.

Another thing we can look forward to in this sequel is that it follows the storyline of the original. It actually takes place some 25 years after “TRON” and still has Jeff Bridges in the picture as computer programmer and arcade owner, Kevin Flynn.

For those who are unfamiliar with the TRON universe, it personifies the world of the computer. The world inside the computer is similar to our own. The only differences being the ground is a transparent grid, everything is glowing, people are programs, games can kill you, and … OK its pretty different, but it mirrors our own world in its own digital way.

According to Disney’s TRON website, Kevin Flynn’s son, Sam Flynn, played by Garrett Hedlund (Eragon) will be looking into his fathers 25 year disappearance and somehow wind up inside the computer world himself (like his father did in “TRON.”) In the premier trailer they show Sam uncovering what appears to be the Master Control Program’s (The digital villain of the first movie) command console, and the digitizing beam creeps up behind him.

Disney also promises the world of TRON has gotten more advanced and dangerous over the years, and judging by the looks of the most recent trailers, I buy it. It looks like a mix between the party hard, rock-and-roll infused 80’s and the sleek rave-loving world of today.

“Tron Legacy” is set to rez this December, along with the video game that will bridge the gap between the two movies.

In the meantime check out the trailer.

End of Line.


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