Who is Hawkeye?

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July 27, 2010 by Chris Reynolds


Yesterday we took a look at the cast of the upcoming a Avengers film. What I didn’t have time to talk about was the newest masked hero hitting the big screen. After a bit of research, I can tell you what this character is all about, and maybe what we can expect from his role in the upcoming crossover movie.

Hawkeye (Clint Barton) was created by Marvel front-man Stan Lee in 1964 according to Wikipedia, and first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57. Then he starred in a few Avengers series’ before getting his own title.

Much like Batman, Hawkeye does not have any super powers, he has just trained himself to master a particular physical skill. Except in this case it is not hand-to-hand combat, it is marksmanship.

Also much like the original Robin, Dick Grayson, Barton is very agile and acrobatic, which he mastered while he performed at the circus (The Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders).

His mentors at the time, The Swordsman and Trickshot, taught him everything he needed to know to become a crack shot and brutal fighter. but soon after his skills reach their peek, he discovers these men are villains, and his life changes forever according to Marvel.com.

Swordsman tries to convince Barton to join his side, but he refuses. A battle ensues, and Barton is left for dead… he then works at honing his skill, until he witness’ Iron Man save someone. According to Marvel.com this serves as his inspiration to become a costumed hero. Which seems likely, because the “Iron Man” movies have set up such a likely scenario for the Avengers crossover.

He later is mistaken for a thief and fights Iron Man according to marveldirectory.com, which, i think,  could very well be his introduction in the film.

Much later on, after he dons the purple mask, Captain America (who also stars in “The Avengers,”) eventually teaches Hawkeye what he knows about combat, furthering the violet archers skills even more.

What makes Hawkeye special then, you ask? Well, his trademark is his special collection of arrows. They are very… well… customized. His quiver is his “Utility Belt” if you will. Special pointed tips, explosives, gas emitters, you name it, Hawkeye probably has it.

Oh and another tie in to Iron Man… A good number of Hawkeye’s specialized arrow tips, were originally created by Tony Stark according to marveldirectory.com.

I think, depending on how they design the costume for the film, this character could be just as amazing, on-screen, as the others we are more familiar with, especially with Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) pulling the bow string.

What do you think?


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