Weta Workshop working on ‘The Hobbit’

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August 1, 2010 by Chris Reynolds

Weta Workshop's Richard Taylor sits next to an Uruk Hai during a LOTR exhibition launch press conference.

There has been a lot of doubt when it comes to the production of ‘The Hobbit.’ Last Future Film heard, Peter Jackson had started a casting tour, which was good news in regards to the stalled film.

Well Ladies and Hobbits, another ray of light has shown down on the Shire. Special effects company, Weta Workshop, has announced their involvement in the upcoming prequel. This news has come to my attention via firstshowing.net.

If you think this company sounds familiar, that is because Weta also worked on Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. They are responsible for bringing characters like Treebeard and Gollum to life using models and state of the art technology.

The announcement occurred during an interview at Comic Con with firstshowing.net, and beleive me when I say, the news was halfling sized. When asked if they were working on ‘The Hobbit,” Weta front-man and sculptor, Richard Taylor, said yes, followed by a few very encouraging words.

“[We are] very passionate about that project,” Taylor said.

This may be a small bit of news but it really is a great leap forward. Right now Weta’s primary concern is working on ‘Wind in the Willows’ (More to follow on that), but just to hear they are still passionate about Middle Earth makes me see big dragon shaped fireworks exploding in the sky.

This means the feel of ‘The Hobbit’ will, very likely, be the same as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movies. This isn’t to say both the productions will be too much alike, not at all. What I am looking forward to is, everything about that movie that worked, translating to Bilbo’s adventure. The way the costumes look, the way the weapons and armor gleam, the way the characters feel and interact with scenery around them in those three movies was genius. Weta performs miracles in that department.

I am excited to see them bring some of my favorite characters to life again, such as Beorn, Smaug, and the return of Gollum. I feel like I just learned Gandalf himself was coming to do magic tricks at my birthday party. Awesome.

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