New ‘Tron Legacy’ trailer reveals more

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August 3, 2010 by Chris Reynolds

On the set of 'Tron Legacy' with Garrett Hedlund, Steve Lisberger, Jeff Bridges and Joseph Kosinski.

For those of you who haven’t seen the newest ‘Tron Legacy’ trailer yet, take a deep breath, center yourself… and click here.

This trailer confirms some suspicions I have had about this film all along. The main antagonist seems to be a viral type program created by Kevin Flynn (the main character in the first Tron film). How can I tell? Since the first teaser, we have seen a figure who looks like Flynn (or rather Jeff Bridges), dressed in a non-typical yellow suit, demolishing programs that stand in his way.

Now I know this is a program Flynn created because it looks like him. In TRON programs look like their creators. Simple system really. Not to mention IMBD reports that this program was created by Flynn during the MCP’s reign in the original TRON, but is now running rampant.

In this trailer we can clearly see Flynn’s son, Sam, mistake this evil program for his father. We then see the real Flynn, now much older, later on, still in this undisclosed location. He almost looks like a god to this world in these trailers to me…

Not to mention, derezzing programs look so much cooler, not to mention the disc battles!

Only a few more months until this long anticipated sequel’s December premier date, and I couldn’t be giddier!

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