Does ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ have too many explosions?

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August 7, 2010 by Chris Reynolds

Movie Poster for 'Resident Evil:Afterlife.'

The latest trailer for the soon to be screened ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ boasts a lot of gun slinging, panicked running and explosions. But does this movie rely too heavily on such devices?

One could easily say, “Um, Chris, there can never be too many explosions.”

And I am not sure if they would like my response. I think the level of special effects and flare in this film could easily blind most people and send the rest into epileptic seizures. This seems to hide areas the film lacks in.

The acting, even in the trailer, appears to be sub-par and even the acrobatics and action sequences seem lackluster. You can expect to see better acting in a dance movie staring only Victoria’s Secret models. It would be pretty to look at, sure, but once any acting is required, the whole movie hits the fan.

I am getting tired of good video game franchises being ruined in this manner. I was just discussing this with a friend on Facebook last week, on a topic regarding the rumored Halo movie. He said, success of movies based on video games doesn’t have history on its side. And I couldn’t name a single movie that succeeded, although I tried… Alright, so I just started naming video game movies.

My point is, the action and people may be shiny and miraculous to look at, but dear god, can we please put a little bit of passion and story into these fan favorites? Too often are fans exited by a title like this, only to be disappointed in theaters.  And why is that? Too much flash and not enough depth.

What do you think about Resident Evil:Afterlife? What do you think about the track record of video game movies? Are there any you actually liked? Hated?


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