‘Tron Legacy’ Vehicles

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August 9, 2010 by Chris Reynolds

I know I keep talking about this film, but it has been a long time since I anticipated a film as much as “Tron Legacy.” Waiting over 20 years to make a sequel is the best thing Disney has ever done… aside from “The Lion King” I suppose… Anyway, waiting to make this followup gave the franchise time to grow and gave technology a chance to catch up with this amazing digital world.

I said we are talking vehicles and vehicles we will talk. “Tron Legacy” expands the collection of vehicles from the first movie, while fine tuning the classics. Lets start with one we are all familiar with shall we?

The Light Cycle

A new spin on the classic.

A sleeker and more practical cousin to the original this light cycle is open topped and can move without sticking to an X,Y path. (turning 90 degrees with every maneuver.)


Not much has changed for this programed vehicle.

Staying very true to the classic Encom network guardian drones, this ship appears in the trailer at its full scale, terrifying and ominous. It may be time for Encom to upgrade their security measures to something a little faster and less bulky.

The Light… Car…Thing

A lot like a light cycle but with four wheels!

That’s right, a four wheel drive race-type car in Tron! It appears these wheels all work independently of each other. And with that data beam shooting out of the back, it is no surprise these things aren’t street legal.

Super Awesome Jet

Super Awesome Jet is Super Awesome!!!!

At the tail end of the most recent trailer we see the program that looks like Kevin Flynn create a yellow fighter jet, much in the same way light cycles are summoned. This is definitely a contender as the most B.A. vehicle in the franchise.

Which is your favorite? What vehicle would you like to see in the Tron universe?


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