Next ‘Saw’ movie will be grand finale


August 15, 2010 by Chris Reynolds

"Saw 3D" promises to be best that was saved for last. Here's hoping it lives up to that promise.

It is almost the end of August and you know what that means… That’s right, department stores will be putting out their Halloween merch soon. And I think I will do the same.

October 2010 will be the beginning of the end for the Saw franchise with “Saw 3D.” And yes, we have all thought the Saw movies were going to be over about 3 or 4 episodes ago. But this time the trailer has Jigsaw himself saying his work has all lead up to this point.

Is Jigsaw dead? Is he alive? I don’t really know and who would I be to spoil something like that? Because if your like me, you thought he actually died around “Saw 4” but he always has a way of saying, “GOTCHA!” in his own creepy and twisted way.

I just hope this movie delivers what it promises. I for one think they have overdone this franchise, although I know plenty of others who may disagree. I had two roommates who would participate in Saw movie marathons, without any sign of boredom.

This conclusion has to have the biggest twist of them all or, dare I say, this series will end with more of a buzzing than a bang. And after seven movies, a nuclear explosion is what we are expecting. If I am not blown off my seat, the effort of the past six years will be all for not. Let us just hope director Kevin Greutert and writers Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan of “Saw VI” yields the same success in the final installment.


One thought on “Next ‘Saw’ movie will be grand finale

  1. CMrok93 says:

    My anticipation rating is:

    I have no desire to see another saw film. These films got weak since the second or third. I think these should stop.

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