New Star Wars trilogy: casting rumors


November 24, 2012 by Chris Reynolds

Star Wars Casting

Casting rumors surround three characters in this iconic poster. Who are they?

Hello fellow movie fans! After a long hiatus I am back to talk about more future films! So let’s jump right into my homecoming piece with a future movie that actually takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far… you get the idea.

Star Wars, as we know, along with the entirety of Lucas Films, has been sold to Disney for more money than any of us can ever hope to see. And I know the first thing that was on many fans’ minds when they heard the news about the next Star Wars trilogy (7, 8, 9) was: “In the name of the force… do not let them Disney it up.”

Well, I suppose I can give you my view on what this means later, but right now I want to talk to you about the casting rumors that are buzzing around this franchise. As of right now, three names have popped up as “favorites” to reprise the rolls of some very iconic characters in the Star Wars universe. I am talking about characters that anyone would recognize.

Keep in mind these are only rumors… but I want your take on this all the same. So without further ado, let’s take a look.

Han Solo played by Ryan Reynolds. While I do respect his wide ranging resume, I am not sure Star Wars should be on it. Han Solo is a very complicated character; one who has a witty side, but is also a bit of a scoundrel, a little greedy and constantly running from his debts. Again, I can go into the development of this character more deeply in another post, but my point is: does Reynolds strike you as a scruffy-looking nerf herder? Personally, I would have a hard time taking him seriously as Solo, but I can see some merit to this choice.

Princess Leia played by Emma Stone. Yes, I know she is in everything, and I know we all love her. She is definitely a stunning young woman with a bad-ass quality that makes her a strong pick for the roll of this newly inducted Disney princess. This choice would be the one of these three that I could probably swallow the easiest. The more I think about it, no one else really comes to mind regarding the reprisal for this character.

And last but not least – Luke Skywalker played by Zac Efron. Remember when I said “Don’t Disney it up?” Well this would be the exact definition of it. Sure, he looks the part of a younger Skywalker and is definitely too short to be a storm trooper, but after his brush with Vader and the Empire Luke becomes a very powerful jedi according to Star Wars lore. The character needs to feel like a mature master of an all-powerful force: a wise and weathered soul. Zac Efron doesn’t portray any of that in my opinion. He would definitely increase viewership to another demographic but at what cost?

As always Future Film fans, I turn to you as the voice of the viewership. What do you think of these casting favorites?


2 thoughts on “New Star Wars trilogy: casting rumors

  1. A Huse says:

    I think Chris Hemsworth should play Han Solo, Ryan Gosling should play Luke Skywalker, and Scarlett Johannsen should play Princess Leia.

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