TMNT reboot peeks out of its shell

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November 30, 2012 by Chris Reynolds

Michael Bay’s TMNT reboot still appears to be in the works.

After Michael Bay’s slip earlier this year, it looked as though this reboot had all but withdrawn from the world. What slip you ask?

This past spring, Bay eluded that the turtles would actually be “aliens” from another world. This caused all sorts of backlash from fans and, I must admit, I was a little shell shocked to hear the news as well. I mean… look at the name of the franchise… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No where in this title does it say anything about aliens.

But if you really look back at the TMNT lore you will see that aliens are among us. The green ooze, that transformed the four brothers into our favorite half shelled heroes, originated at the Techno Cosmic Research Institute. It turns out the TCRI was an underground base for an alien race known as the Utroms. So talking about including aliens in this reboot is not an unlikely or inaccurate prospect.

In fact, this news really restores my hope for this film along with testimonials from TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and this film’s director, Jonathan Liebesman (Battle L.A. & Wrath of the Titans)

From the sounds of it, Liebsman is looking to focus on fight scenes that made this franchise so appealing to me as a child. The idea behind this is to play to the strengths of 1980’s pop culture that enveloped most of TMNTs developmental years. It is also said they want a large sense of scale like the record smasher ‘The Avengers’ to really breath new life into the story.

And if the thought of another live action TMNT movie has you thinking about men in rubber turtle costumes, I do not think this will be the case. My guess is, the turtles will probably be a blend of CG and motion capture, like that of ‘Avatar’ or Gollum from The ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. Today, it is very possible for this movie to stay true to its core values and still look amazing. They just have to set the right tone. And the thought of this is making my inner child kung foo kick with anticipation!

What do you think about the outlook of this reboot?


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