Can the ‘Man of Steel’ Stay Strong on Screen?

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December 3, 2012 by Chris Reynolds

Can Man of Steel make the same cinematic impact as Dark Knight?

Can Man of Steel make the same cinematic impact as Dark Knight?

He is arguably the most memorable and popular super hero in history, but when was the last time we were treated to a truly jaw dropping Super Man blockbuster?

Not to mention, in today’s film demographic there is a fine line between wonderfully bizarre… and awkwardly mediocre. And it Is harder to stay on the former side of that line when you have a real man wearing red underwear over his pants and soaring through the air. With more recent Super Man movies lacking a bit of substance, can Christopher Nolan’s adaptation leave this hostile planet called mediocrity?

There are two sides to this argument that I would like to explore. The first being: he did it with Batman. Let us look at what this means. Back in the day of Adam West, Batman was all but a laughing stock. A character so dark and foreboding in the comics was served the biggest helping of corn imaginable on television.

Later movies eventually made up for it, but they always felt a shade hokie as well, even when the action on screen drew you in. But Nolan nailed the formula. Keep Bruce Wayne real, give the audience a sense of scale… scare them even. Not in the Tim Burton way, but in a way in which felt real and emotional. This is where Super Man needs saving.

Film makers can’t focus solely on the oddity of these characters anymore, they have become too familiar to us. We need to feel an even stronger connection to them now (as we did with Bruce in Dark Knight.)

But there is the other side to this coin. Nolan’s version of Batman stayed far away from any form of magic or alien power, which admittedly wasn’t difficult seeing as though there is hardly any of each in the Batman franchise. But this helped it feel real and suspenseful.

Not to mention it was easy to scare us and make us feel the sense of reality in the Dark Knight because the Batman franchise is inherently… well… dark. Super Man on the other hand is a more upbeat character, and the tone for the entire franchise is a little lighter to begin with.

Will Man of Steel be able to earn the same pedigree as the Dark Knight having this slight disadvantage out of the gate? Or will Clark Kent’s alien power forever bind his story’s true potential between the pages of a comic?

My prediction is, if Nolan and his crew carefully execute the story based on Clark Kent, and not the novelty of his tights and ability to fly… then we might actually have a Super Man movie to holler about. And I think if anyone has the vision and resources to make this movie feel real and relatable, it is Christopher Nolan.

But we have some time to discuss it Future Film fans. Man of Steel swoops into theaters June 14th, 2013. So, can Nolan save this movie from falling out of the sky, or is it impossible to make a Super Man movie to the same caliber as the Dark Knight? Or, is making a good Super Man movie not even a concern for you? Become part of the discussion below and let the world know!


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