The Need for Speed Movie: From a Videogame to The Big Screen

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February 18, 2014 by Chris Reynolds


I have a personal connection to the Need for Speed franchise. My dad and I had little in common while I was growing up, but one place where our interests intersected was on the scenic race courses of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. We would spend hours racing each other, unlocking cars, chasing each other down… It was a time I will never forget.

With that said, it was entertaining because you and your friends (or dad) were the main characters, you were driving those cars, you were racing furiously away from the cops or chasing down the racers… There was no story, no plot.

Sure some of the Need for Speed Underground games introduced a storyline where you were new to street racing and your new friends would call you up and tell you about missions, where to customize your ride and all that… But the fun was still in the sexy cars, the races and the chases.

ImageMy fear is that this is going to be a badly timed Fast and Furious clone. And in my opinion, those films ran their course years ago.

The movie version of my beloved Need for Speed is a story about a cross country race/road trip to exact revenge. This is somewhat of an overused plot device if you ask me, but I have a hint of hope that maybe this film can surprise us, and I will tell you why in a minute… But first, you can get the gist of the plot from the latest trailer below:

The two things that might be able to save this film are the way it looks visually in the trailer and the unique acting style of Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). Although, it will definitely be interesting to watch Paul play the lead role character that has a slight resemblance to Jesse Pinkman in more ways than just his face. Oh yeah… and Michael Keaton is in this too apparently as a radio personality of some sort, so there is a ray of hope.

But even if the plot falls flat… if nothing else, Need for Speed may be enjoyable the same way its videogame counterpart was enjoyable… Sexy cars, races and chases.


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